Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sivorak's Crystal


  1. Sounds like a movie title...
    "Sivorak's Crystial...coming to a theatre near you!"

    looking nice, dude.

  2. haha...... thanks Justin! .....

    There is a type of crystal that they sell in craft stores called "Swarovski crystal" .... that is probably what you thinking of. lol =)

  3. You have made a lot of progress here. The color has come along nicely and you have found a lot of good shapes in there.

    I see a few places where the 'shine' goes across multiple crystals without breaking or bending. The one in the lower center is the most noticeable. Crystals bend light so if you want a shine that goes behind another crystal, the top crystal will bend the light. This is much like if you put a pencil half way into a glass of water and then look at it from the side. The pencil looks curved or broken because the light is shifting. Do this for your crystals and it will improve the look of transparency.

    I can see some areas where the tiling might be a little problematic with such a large focal piece to the texture. You do have a nice range of size variation in there after the huge one though, so trimming that one down will help the tiling without hurting your size variation.

    Other than that, focus the last of your efforts on the small details like fine scratches and glints of light (just very small dots of a brighter color). Pop a few highest highs on your edges too -watch how they tile.