Monday, April 30, 2012

Final Texture - Stone Jade tile-HoangLu

updated texture, there were some unmatch colors that was giving the texture nasty seams so I fixed that, and also edge highlights and such. 


  1. You have some really beautiful color variation in your piece and a nice, subtle sense of depth.

    The sides of your edges, highlights and small variation I think need a little more work.

    Some of your edges have a nice little gradient going in and out of them. If you do that to all of them I think you'll be able to increase the sense of depth a lot. You can also try making some of the edges thinner so you have some size variation on your edges as well.

    I think your highlights need a little size variation in them, they're all almost the same width overall and it flattens your work.

    You have a nice start to the dots for the small details and a few chips on the insides of the cuts. If you add some cuts on the top edges, going through the highlights, you'll add some believable wear and tear. Thin lines for scratches can also help to bring your piece together.

    Great work so far!

    1. Thank you becky =) The feedback is very helpful because I was sorta on a slump with this one since I was having issue figuring out how i can make the highlights more believable, it was so rigid I think.