Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sivorak_Kong_Stone ground

I fixed it and made it top view.

I just notice that i did the rocks from a 3/4" top view instead of straight top view. Oops!

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  1. Your color variation is looking really nice. I especially like the shapes and details you are finding in your rocks.

    The 3/4 view isn't too bad to fix, mostly it will be taking the shadows and moving them further down. It'll take time but you have some really good shapes in there that are looking really good already.

    I think the rendering on the stones and dirt can be blended out a little bit more. You can take some of that fine detail you have in the dirt and add that to the stones. That will add a lot of painterly interest to your piece.

    After you correct the shadows for the 3/4 view, don't forget to spend a little time fleshing out the cast and core shadows. If you can, keep those on a separate layer, that will make it easier to do the normals and spec for this week.

    Have fun!