Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jessica Dinh - Stone Tile

Final update: April 14, 2012


Latest update, color and spec:

Progress - blocked out and starting to detail. My end goal for this is to be able to convey a strong sense of 3D - gonna have stones popping out and some sunken in, and I want the height relationships to be clear:

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  1. You have a really good start here. The size and color variation are good and the design is interesting.

    I see that you have started with some of the fine details on some of the larger brown rocks. Keep that up for the rest of the rendering and I think you'll be good.

    You've also recessed and raised a few of the larger bricks like you stated in your style description. You definitely have some good success with some of the ones you have rendered out so far. I think you can do that for some of the little ones when you render them out as well.

    Keep it up!